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Imagine what we'd think of California if Toshio Mori had never written his gentle short stories about life in Oakland's "Lil' Yokohama." If Walter Nordhoff had never hidden behind his alter-ego Señor Don Juan Obrigon to tell the tale of The Journey of the Flame. If Bayard Taylor had never transformed his gold rush journalism into the compelling chronicle Eldorado. It's pretty easy to do, of course, since all of these essential works of Californiana are so little known. No wonder East Coast elites like Woody Allen think there's no culture here.

This is California Legacy for a digital age.
In the spring of 2000 Heyday and Santa Clara University formed a novel partnership.

Heyday publisher Malcolm Margolin conceived of a series of reprints, single-author readers, and new anthologies that would bring alive for contemporary readers California's diverse and lively literary and historical heritage.
Combining the resources of California's oldest university and one of California's most respected publishers, we launched the California Legacy Series, which now has more than forty books in print. The series both complements and guides the general objective of Santa Clara University's California Legacy Project (CLP): to raise public awareness and appreciation for our state's cultural legacy and to encourage faculty and students in their creative and scholarly interest in Californian culture.

Event: Latino Literature from California
With the continuing support of noted California cultural institutions and the support of scholars, writers, artists, and other professionals, a new goal is to become a leading online resource for educators, program planners, scholars, and the general and interested public engaged with California culture.

To that end, we will continue with our book series, produce new public radio programs, establish a more vibrant and interactive online identity, and pursue new partnerships and projects as they become available.

This is California Legacy for a digital age.
Terry Beers
Director and Series Editor
California Legacy

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