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California Legacy Project Scholars have specific expertise in California studies, including literature, history, and the social and natural sciences. They share their expertise with students and colleagues at Santa Clara University. Many of our Project Scholars also serve the general public, appearing as guest lecturers, discussion leaders, and performers.

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Fields of Expertise

Asian American Studies Chang
Chicano and Latino Studies Velasco
Creative Writing McIsaac
Education Hernández-Ramos
Environment Farnsworth Unger
Film History and Criticism Velasco Whalen
Gender Studies Garber
Geography Unger
History McKevitt Whalen
Information Literacy Goodwater
Literature Beers Chang Garber Goodwater McIsaac

Myers Phipps Riccomini Velasco Bjork
Media Studies/Journalism Whalen Bjork
Native American Studies McKevitt
Natural History Edgerly-Rooks
Politics Unger
Queer Studies Garber
Technology and Culture Hernández-Ramos Koch Bjork
Women's Studies Fernandez Garber