Climbing for Kitties™!

A Community Project of RenoVegans

Team members are climbing their most challenging climb at RockSport Indoor Climbing

June 22, 2013
To Raise money for

Join Us for Vegan Refreshments and to Cheer the Climbers On!
What Is Climbing For Kitties?
Climbing For Kitties is a community-wide fundraising event. Anyone may participate in a number of ways:
  • Register with us as a fundraising climber.
  • You may choose to fundraise by training for and climbing indoor rock climbing walls, either 35' or 70' high.
  • Another way to have fun fundraising for FRoNN is to bring your children to the indoor climbing walls.
  • If climbing is not your bag, come cheer the teams on by attending the climb events and by asking your family and friends to donate to the biggest little rescue group in the world, Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada.

Climbing For Kitties—Background

Climbing For Kitties is the brainchild of local activist Billy Howard. The event has been developed as a fundraising project of RenoVegans to benefit Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada, an animal rescue group serving the greater Reno/Tahoe area.

With his interest in a healthy, athletic and compassionate (a.k.a. vegan) lifestyle for himself and anyone else interested in the Reno/Tahoe area, Billy Howard has amassed an extensive website and community called RenoVegans. Dedicated to athletic health via fundraising for animals, Billy trained for and ran the LA Marathon in a mere 15 weeks raising funds for the national organization Farm Sanctuary, bringing in the second highest donation amount just below the founder himself.

While on a long marathon training run of 20 miles, Billy was inspired to develop a local event with a twist. He started climbing training (something he's never done before) as soon as he got back from the marathon. The interest among the public was immediate. People signed up at the first announcement and Climbing For Kitties was born.

Anyone may participate in the event by looking over the registration and waiver page. Heights and challenges are what it's all about in this event: learning to climb to new heights on a climbing wall and to raise funds for a needy and important rescue organization whose good works resound throughout the community.

Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada

FRoNN is a non-profit organization striving to make our community a better place for cats.

Mission: Ending euthanasia by providing quality of life for elderly, injured, special needs or otherwise unwanted cats and to fulfill the growing need to help cats in our community by providing outreach programs designed to keep cats with their families and reduce unwanted litters.

FRoNN is a 501(c)3 animal rescue organization.

Providing vegan refreshments to climbers and the public on climbing day.
Providing electrolyte replenishment to the climbers.
If you'd like to join one of the teams, or would like to know more, Contact us or ask to join our FB Climbers for Kitties group.

Also see our public Climbing for Kitties Facebook page.
Join us for all or part of the climb. Everyone at any skill level welcome to train to climb with us!

Registration and Waiver of Liability to be signed by all climbing participants.
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