Climbing for Kitties™!

A Community Project of RenoVegans

Team members are climbing their most challenging climb at RockSport Indoor Climbing

June 22, 2013
To Raise money for

Join Us for Vegan Refreshments and to Cheer the Climbers On!
Climbing For Kitties Official Press Release

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From our YouTube Channel:

Billy powers up an easy 5.8 climb

Susan's third day of climbing
¾ of the way up the 35' wall.
Climbing strong!
Photographs for Press.

Billy Howard, Founder/Organizer

Photo: Billy Howard

Susan Shinn Cesarini, Owner Cozy Cattery. Director, Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada

Photo: Billy Howard

Danielle Mayabb, governement librarian

Photo: Billy Howard

Lisa Wallace, Registered Nurse

Susan Shinn Cesarini (L) and Lisa Wallace, Climbing For Kitties

Photo: Billy Howard

Susan Shinn Cesarini (below) belays Lisa Wallace for Climbing For Kitties

Photo: Billy Howard
Climbing For Kitties Public Service Announcement

30 & 15-20 seconds.

PSA RECORDINGS, 30 seconds with .01 second blank lead and .08 second blank tail.


If you'd like to join one of the teams, or would like to know more, Contact us or ask to join our FB Climbers for Kitties group.

Also see our public Climbing for Kitties Facebook page.
Join us for all or part of the climb. Everyone at any skill level welcome to train to climb with us!

Registration and Waiver of Liability to be signed by all climbing participants.
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