Plastic Bag Ban: Reno, Sparks, Washoe
Plastic Bag Ban:
Reno, Sparks Washoe

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Dear County Board, City Council and Legislative members throughout the State of Nevada including Washoe Country, Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Douglas County, Minden, Gardnerville.

We support an update in local and state laws to bring to an end single use plastic bags in retail stores throughout the State of Nevada.

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  1. Suzanne M Lewis, Reno
    It makes sense to ban plastic bags in Washoe as we hav e a river runnibg through our city and lots of wind. Banning plastic bags will save the city money in trash cleanup and keep our river clean.

  2. Jana Hofeditz, Reno
    Nobody likes plastic but the company making the money

  3. Mike Escobar, Sparks
    Let's start charging people per plastic bag they take at the grocery store, similar to how some places do in California. Economic policy works to incentivize people to cut back on the waste.

  4. Michelle Beck, Sparks
    While it may be convenient to use the bags, they don't break down and get into nature frequently.

    We can go back to the ways of our grandparents and use reusable bags, empty our wastebaskets by carrying them to the garbage and dumping them and stop this blight.

  5. Sara Anderson, Reno
    An easy way to clean our beautiful city, and reduce pollution.

  6. Maria Rosa Palacios, Las Vegas
    Our duty should be to preserve the Earth for the generations to come.

  7. Milan Sperka, Reno
    Plastic bags are evil.

  8. Pat Fling, Sparks
    Let's lead on this now! So important for our future and our planet.

  9. George L Feriend, Reno
    There is a better way! Plastic bags are everywhere. I use my own bags. Why can't everyone else? This saves oil, environment and animals. The stores will put a pack of gum in a plastic bag unless you say you don't need one. Say no to plastic bags. Nevadans are smart people. Figure this out! Just say NO to plastic bags.

  10. Judi Schoppmann, Sparks
    I strongly am opposed to plastic bags and have been for years. They ruin our environment, harm animals and are [not] biodegradable - among other things!!! I've carry my own bags in my car for years and feel that everyone should be capable of this!!! Please, let's get rid of the plastic bags!

  11. Lenore Twomey, South Lake Tahoe
    We have a single use plastic bag ban in South Lake Tahoe and I think it has contributed to less trash in our community, making it a nicer place to live.

  12. Alisha Vargas, Reno
    One of the first things readily apparent when visiting the area is the masses of plastic bags blowing around and caught in nearly every tree. Help Reno stay clean by getting rid of the unnecessary and obnoxious plastic bag trash.

  13. Grace Anderson, Sparks
    This needs to be done. Too much plastic everywhere.

  14. Alaina Freeman, Sparks
    Every effort put into helping the environment counts!

  15. Jana Hofeditz, Reno
    we can be a smart people here in Nevada and stop
    supporting big plastic companies that don't
    care what plastics are doing to our environment
    These companies are taking advantage of our
    laziness to reuse our own reusable bags
    We can be smart and remember. Think 🌿

  16. Holly Welborn, Reno
    I recently lived in San Francisco, where there is a $0.10 charge for every bag and all plastic bags are banned. It's shocking how stores will give you a plastic bag for purchasing a stick of gum. Happy to see there is a movement to end the waste.

  17. Jodie Wiederkehr, Chicago, IL
    Time for humans to take responsibility of the environment and use canvas bags. They are sturdier than plastic bags and don't cause pollution or kill wildlife.

  18. Natasha Stanton, Sierraville, CA
    I do all my shopping in Washoe [County] and would love to see the ban of plastic bags that are filling up landfills and destruction of wildlife. Everyone can have their own bag when shopping, its not a huge inconvenience compared to what it does to helping environmental issues.

  19. Stacy Presco, Sparks
    How much oil does it take to produce the millions of plastic bags used by stores every day? They are a waste of fossil fuels, a resource that is being depleted, they pollute our environment, are not biodegradable, and people rarely recycle them. Get rid of them or start charging people for them so they'll stop using them. Fabric bags hold more and do the job wonderfully.

  20. Joy Gann, Washoe Valley
    Plastic bags are evil.

  21. Monika Gamos, Reno
    I always carry reusable bags in my purse and drink out of glass bottles I think that banning single-use plastic bags is the least we can do right now, and should have been done a long time ago.

  22. David Freeman, Reno
    Plastic bags are a destructive eyesore, and need to be banned. I'm tired of seeing them drifting in the wind (usually downwind from a Wal-Mart). Let's ban them.

  23. Billy Howard, Reno
    Those thin, noisy bags are near-useless yet take hundreds of years to biodegrade. They destruct over time, but only into finer and finer pieces that are destructive to wildlife and the soil.

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