Charles River Labs in Reno
An Idea Whose Time Has Come… To End.

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Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: 'Because animals are like us.'

Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: 'Because animals are not like us.'

Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.

          —Charles R. Magel

"Help Me" poster by Mike Weber, Weber Graphics.
I abhor vivisection. It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery, that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil.

          —Charles Mayo, Founder of the Mayo Clinic
Charles River Labs has killed 9 animals in 3 years due to negligence: 4 rabbits, 1 dog, and 4 primates. In 2008, 32 laboratory test monkeys died when a heating system malfunctioned sending temperatures well above survival range. No fines were ever assessed against the giant corporation for their crime.

The recent findings were disclosed to the USDA in annual reports by Charles River Labs. How many more incidents occured that have gone unreported is anyone's guess. As far as we know the USDA has not repsonded to the accounts in the Charles River Labs reports.

Charles River has been cited numerous times for acts of animal negligence by the Animal Welfare Act for multiple cases of animal abuse. Hundreds of thousands of animals are tortured every single day in Charles Rivers' massive facilities worldwide.

  • Charles River Labs subjects animals who many consider companions (rats, mice, dogs, rabbits, and monkeys) to cruel and pointless experiments that negatively affect these animals.

  • Animals are a poor indicator of the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals in humans and there are alternatives to these inclunclusive experiments.

  • Sentient animals do not deserve to be subjected to this unnecessary cruelty.

  • RenoVegans and a growing number of voices insist on alternative methods of drug research.


Animals are as with it as humans, scientists say —The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness, 2012.
An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are -- a list of animals that includes all mammals, birds, and even the octopus.
Local News Story. Click slider to timestamp 9:30.

$180K in fines from Charles River Laboratories sought for animal testing deaths; protest Friday in Reno

Scott Sonner, AP, Dec. 14, 2012.

Animal activists protested Friday outside the Charles River Laboratories research lab in Reno. The rally organized by Reno Vegans was in support of efforts by Stop Animal Exploitation Now to fine Charles River.

Charles River is one of the world's largest suppliers of clinical and laboratory research services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, Mass., and has labs in more than a dozen other states as well as Nevada. The documents redact the location of specific labs, but Budkie said only two labs use monkeys and the bulk of those are at Reno.

Charles River closed its lab in Sparks a year after 32 long-tail macaques were killed. More...

Protesters outraged by monkey deaths, Sparks Tribune
According to USDA reports, over the course of 2006 and 2007, there were multiple animal injury reports including such those as two monkeys who required fingers to be amputated due to moving cages, two animals suffered adverse clinical side affects and died overnight and six rabbits suffered from skin lesions from injections.

For more information see the Lab Animals section on our Why Vegan? page and our Animal Rights page.

Thirty people protested on a windy and cold October morning.

Charles River Laboratories, 22 July, 2012. About 50 people showed up to protest testing on live beagles and macaque monkies.

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