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What's in a shampoo to make it not vegan, you ask? Unfortunately, plenty, and ditto for lotions and potions and worst of all, cosmetics.

Products like Waleda have had vegan options since 1921, but since the '70s backlash to consuming animals, more manufacturers are turning away from collagen ("a group of naturally occurring proteins found in animals, especially in the flesh and connective tissues of vertebrates." -Wikipedia) and are onboard to offer fully vegan products that are not made from stealing from or killing animals or testing products on them. If you want to know that horror, here are some pics. You should take a look to make firm your resolve and show others to help them to more compassionate lifestyle choices since the options are now rife.

To help you in your choices, we list below items in use and reviewed by RenoVegans from our Facebook page.

To look up your current product or check into cosmetics, personal care, pet care and household products, use the Leaping Bunny guide. —Billy Howard

For more information on the international cruelty-free campaigns including cruelty-free labeling to look for, see the Humane Society International.

Anita D.
I use Andalou Naturals for Shampoo and Conditioner. My makeup is Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals and some Urban Decay cosmetics.

Carmi C.
Lush has a lot of vegan products that we love, deodorant, soaps, and lotions. They are wonderful&hellip.

Danielle M.
Alba makes good face care stuff and good deodorant.
Preserve Razors are good--vegan and recycled from yogurt cups. Blade refills are cheap, too.
The Body Shop is also cruelty free, but they do have some products with honey, so you just have to read the labels.
Giovanni hair care

Anita L.
I love Aubrey shampoo and conditioner, which i get at Whole Foods.

Ian V.
Unite Hair products are vegan and are not tested on animals as well.

Emily J.
My favorite foundation and blush is through Earth Diva Cosmetics | Vegan Mineral Makeup & Cosmetic Brushes
The best vegan cosmetic brushes I've found are EcoTools.
I just discovered these professional quality cosmetic brushes, Pirouette Professional

Aquila N.
I use coconut oil as a hair and skin moisturizer.
The Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers/Blueberries/Tomatoes line has great shampoos, conditioners and facial creams.
I use Toms [of Maine] whitening toothpaste and Jason's deodorant (brand names, not actual guys lol).
As well as Urban Decay and Lime Crime cosmetics!

Billy H.
I've used Aveda Shampoos and products for twenty years now. They won a Proggy award from PeTA and their comitment to fair trade, organics and sustainability is unequalled.
Waleda deodorants are great for a fresh smell of Nature and I can't live without their Sea Buckthorn Body Wash.
I have an old, clear lotion bottle I use to add organic oils for the best emolient ever: hemp, cocounut, jajoba, almond and pomegranate. I add essential oils for scents depending on the whim of the day (or is it instinct?): peppermint, cinnamon and/or geranium are often used. I rub some sage leaves from my Mojave Sage in the front yard on my arms. Aroma is so intoxicationg. Some think hemp is a preventive and cure for skin cancers. Hope so as I'm in the sun a LOT and don't use sun screens, though I do add a vegan D3 to my diet. The Gerson Therapy, a plant-based cancer cure regimen has been especially able to cure melanoma—something that has largely escaped modern medicine. See an abstract in the Journal of Medicine.
I roll through a number of derma e moisturizing products month-to-month.
herban cowboy does great shaving stuff.
Glyde Condoms are vegan (many are not). I get a variety of lubes and vegan sex stuff from The Sensual Vegan including Good Clean Love vegan lube.

A great source to find out if a thing is vegan or to find alternative clothing and foodstuffs is Vegan Essentials: Shoes, purses, vitamins, food, shampoo, t-shirts: anything a vegan might need to live an animal-product free life.

Lastly, Check this out

Juiceing for Radiance

You're about to be let in on a secret — glowing skin doesn't come from a skin care product. It comes from a juicer. That's right, juicing not only helps your insides but can also get you downright glowing on the outside. So skip the department store cosmetic kiosks and head to the supermarket to start juicing your way to radiance.

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  • Cruelty-Free Cosmetics for More than a Billion People
    More than a billion people may soon stop using cosmetics tested on animals. Israel just banned all animal-tested cosmetics, and India is considering similar legislation. But until the United States and European Union do the same, thousands of rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats will continue to suffer and die each year for cosmetics testing.

    As of Jan. 1, Israel no longer allows the import and marketing of cosmetics, toiletries, or detergents that were tested on animals. Animal testing was already barred from the Israeli cosmetics industry in 2007. And this week—encouraged by the EU's approaching ban—India announced that it is planning to impose a ban on testing cosmetics on animals.  More…
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