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Vegan Food Served Only.
Vegan Items on Menu Including Dessert.
Vegan Items on Menu No Dessert.
Items Modifiable To Vegan Dishes.
Modified Salad Only Vegan Dish Available.
Nothing for a Vegan.
Local organic whenever possible
Free WiFi available
But where can I EAT? Well, most of us vegans prefer to have our better/cheaper meals at home, fresh from the garden. A lot of us don't add much salt to things, but if you go out, the sodium levels will rise. Some of us are organic only and those options are hard to find. More vegans are reducing their processed oil intake (yes, olive) and many of us spurn soy products. What's a vegan to do?

Here are a number of places you can go to enjoy an evening with friends or family, and though few are ideal, some aren't bad at all. We're all waiting for the first vegan-only restaurant to open.

Billy Howard is a life-long vegan who eats mainly raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, many out of his organic garden. Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and the Campbell Foundation. Favorite snack: mushrooms.

Susan Cesarini is the founder of Feline Rescue Of Northern Nevada, a non-profit feline sanctuary and owner of Cozy Cattery Boarding Resort. Plant strong since June 2011 and I'll NEVER go back!
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  • Café de Thai

    Thai fusion. Wonderful menu, great atmosphere (sometimes a little chilly), a little pricey but always plenty to take home.

    Spring roll appetizers are a thing of beauty and wonderfully delicious with your choice of three dipping sauces. Share? Not likely. Get your own.

    Cocunut soup is very good but I'd recommend a salad because most vegan entress are made with coconut milk, too, and there is a saturation point, especially if you are having dessert which is highly recommended, even if you have to take it home with you. —Billy Howard

    Café de Thai dessert tray: A number of vegan options.

  • Chinese Village
    Small, family-run Chinese restaurant in South Reno on Wedge at Mt. Rose Hwy in the Raleys Shopping Center (haven't been to the Carson location). Always some vegan faire to choose from. The eggplant dish is quite good. If you order vegan food one of the evening waiters will tell you "Veggie only is the only way to eat." —Billy Howard

  • The Twisted Fork
    Trendy and busy new restuarant close to RC Willey's has three items on the menu for vegans and they are worth the visit. The Cauliflower Ceviche is a favorite of the wait staff of all the dishes in the house. A soy-free, oat grain home-made vegan burger is one of the best I've had. There's also an "Herb Salad" that sounds great, but haven't tried yet. Three types of accompaniments: fries, sweet potato fries or potato chips. I tried all three. Scrumptch! —Billy Howard

  • Asian Paradise
    One of the most sophisticated restaurant interiors in Reno, this Southeast Asian fusion joint is like walking into a nice place in Los Angeles. The glass tiles that are a Buddhist symbol for peace were brought over from Malaysia by the Taiwanese owner who transplanted his family from the Bay Area to be closer to skiing 10 years ago. Fusion sometimes can make me cringe, but this menu is very good. I asked if the lettuce wraps could be made vegan and out they came. Delicous. The Miso Soup is excellent except for way too much tofu. I always ask them to tone it down. The veggie dishes are excellent. —Billy Howard

  • About Pizza

    Personal vegan pizza loaded with veggies and spices with rich tomato sauce and organic ingredients from Nu Yalk Pizza.
    Pizza can be vegan at almost any restaurant. No cheese, a simple crust, tomato sauce topped with veggies and you have a great vegan meal.

    Pizza crust is usually made of flour, water and salt.

    BUT ALWAYS ASK! Some pizzerias add cheese to their tomato sauce and some add cheese to their crusts. When you order don't just ask for no cheese, let them know you want a vegan pizza with no cheese in any of the ingredients.

    My favorite pizzeria is Nu Yalk Pizza. Their crust is made with organic whole grain flour. They don't mention that anywhere which is crazy, but an employee pulled a sack out to show me. They use organic tomatoes and spices whenever possible.

    A freshly made pizza with steaming (not weeping) vegetables is a fine meal especially if the flour is not white refined.

    If you like to eat pretend cheese, Blue Moon Pizza will put it on if your bring it (Food Co-op is not far away).

    Z Pizza has organic ingredients and holds a monthly vegan night. They always have lots of pretend animal products like vegan sausage, pepperoni and cheese. Check our calendar for the monthly night.

    Making Pizza At Home

    Dough is easily made of flour, water and perhaps a dash of sea salt. Here's one recipe. Store it in the freezer for up to a month. Lightly oil a baking sheet, add the dough ball to the sheet and roll and/or push the dough out into a thick round, add a thick layer of tomato sauce. If you like fake cheese, add it at this step, then go crazy chopping up what's in your crisper and if you're like me, fresh garlic is a pretty good idea on any and all pizza. Bake hot at 500° for about 10 minutes. Yes, that's right, that's it. Bon Apetito!

    A great short cut is to buy pizza crusts. They freeze and are ready for prepping the pizza whenever you are. I've seen a set of two organic crusts available for under $5.00 Think about that the next time you buy your $28 pizza. ;-)
    Homemade Pizza

    With premade crust lightly brushed with garlic infused hemp oil. Tomato sauce to cover with crushed herbs from the garden added (sages, thymes, savory, marjoram, basil flowers, rosemary). Top with carrots, fresh turmeric, celery, leek, radish, garlic, green onion, cilantro, broccoli, beets. 400° for 15 mins then top with fresh cilantro, ground pepper, chile flakes. (Carrots, turmeric and carrots were pre-boiled.)

    Amazingly delicious, 100% organic. Best pizza we've ever tasted!
  • Heidi's
    In the old Denny's in the WalMart Shopping Center
    Butter and whipped cream abound in this faux Swiss restaurant. Good news is the waitresses don't have to run around in square dancing costumes anymore. One of the wait staff is vegan. The one dish you can get while staring at friends downing their heart attacks is a modified Mediterranean Salad. Hold the chicken, hold the hardboiled egg. It's pretty good and one of the biggest meal salads in Truckee Meadows. I thnk the bran muffin is vegan. Fill out the little yellow "How Did We Do?" card and ask for a vegan item on the menu. And WiFi. —Billy Howard

  • jüs (Starbucks WiFi can be picked up from next door)
    WalMart Shopping Center b/w Starbucks and Genghis Grill

    This fresh juice joint is the bees knees. Locally owned and operated by a young man who found the cure for our bodies' troubles is food = medicine, he set out to show the world by offering REAL fresh extracted juices and smoothies, not the kind that are mostly dairy and/or sugar as offered by national chains. When Wild Oats went out and Whole Foods went in we lost the only descent juice bar in town. Enter jüs to the rescue.

    Mostly organic where possible these juices and smoothies are delightful. Pick up the super strong and tight cup and get your first juice in it for free making a really great deal. The cup is hot/cold and much stronger than some of the others you might see around.

    Mix and match is available so if you feel like adding a little ginger to the beet juice or a shot of wheat grass to your pineapple happiness, don't hesitate. Wonderful fruit -infused waters are also available for the taking.

    —Billy Howard

  • Squeeze In
    On Foothill/S. Meadows at S. Virginia.
    Depends on your mood if you like this down home, supposedly hippie place (but not the kind of hippie place you'd find in Santa Cruz like the vegetarian Saturn Cafe.) Overwhelming menu of carnivorous and ovivorous (a word I made up about eggs) foods. There's a bowl of fruit on the menu. French fries are fried in? There is a veggie burger but I think you have to hold the bun. "Veggie" burrito but hold the cheddar. There are vegetable and lentil soups, but are they in veggie or chicken bathwater? Garden Salad, hold the shrimp. I've had Kim's Killer Broc sans parmesean and garlic bread. It was Ok, but I do this much better at home with organic fixings and for pennies on the Squeezed dollar. There isn't a thing for us on the "Healthy Obsession Program Menu." Update: Rumor has it the owners are now vegan. Hoping to find some updates on the menu.

    —Billy Howard

  • Genghis Grill
    Near Heidi's and Starbucks at Damonte Ranch and S. Virginia.
    Yes you can actually do this, but carefully. The Mongolian-style BBQ keeps the meat and veggies strictly separated so you can completely avoid seeing the former animals. Pick up an allergy flag on the way to the grill, they have one for vegetarian. Since Genghis doesn't serve dairy or eggs, "vegetarian" in this case means what most of us think it does anyway: vegan. They make sure the grill is scoured with boiling water until the water runs clear which means all traces of the previous grilling are erased. They steam your stuff with a bowl placed uspside down over it to keep anyone else's faire from getting into yours. Very conscientious place. Could be a good option when out with the carnies. —Billy Howard
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