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Vegan Food Served Only.
Vegan Items on Menu Including Dessert.
Vegan Items on Menu No Dessert.
Items Modifiable To Vegan Dishes.
Modified Salad Only Vegan Dish Available.
Nothing for a Vegan.
Local organic whenever possible
Free WiFi available
But where can I EAT? Well, most of us vegans prefer to have our better/cheaper meals at home, fresh from the garden. A lot of us don't add much salt to things, but if you go out, the sodium levels will rise. Some of us are organic only and those options are hard to find. More vegans are reducing their processed oil intake (yes, olive) and many of us spurn soy products. What's a vegan to do?

Here are a number of places you can go to enjoy an evening with friends or family, and though few are ideal, some aren't bad at all. We're all waiting for the first vegan-only restaurant to open.

Billy Howard is a life-long vegan who eats mainly raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, many out of his organic garden. Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and the Campbell Foundation. Favorite snack: mushrooms.

Susan Cesarini is the founder of Feline Rescue Of Northern Nevada, a non-profit feline sanctuary and owner of Cozy Cattery Boarding Resort. Plant strong since June 2011 and I'll NEVER go back!
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North Shore
  • Thai Recipe, Incline Village

    Killer veggie stir-fry and plenty of vegan (as well as non-vegan) selections. Their "Evil Jungle" is one of my favorite dishes in the world. Tons of good fresh veggies barely warmed in the wok with a light coconut sauce. I always get it 10 on a spice scale of 1-5. I like it HOT! Those spices have healing power in them. Ask for brown rice and no oyster sauce. — Billy Howard

  • Lone Eagle Grille. See the "Vegetarian menu." Hyatt Hotel, Incline Village

    Despite the so-called alternative "vegetarian" menu, there are only a few vegan choices usually by modification. Caveat: most pastas are made with eggs. Spaghetti noodles are usually an exception, but lasagne, fettuccine and most others are made only with eggs, salt and semolina flour.

    I had the "Peach Salad with Little Gem Lettuce, Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette, Spiced Pecans, Point Reyes Blue Cheese" hold the stinky cheese, thank you. Was really delish and there was plenty of it. Click pics for larger view.

    One easy entree choice is "Citrus Red Quinoa, Sautéed Zucchini, Baby Turnips, Artichoke Hearts, Cherry Tomatoes, Almond Vinaigrette." Really tasty and nice, great portion and not a bad price for a fancy restaurant with a great view at $24.

    Talked them into trying to come up with a vegan sweet for a finish and, behold! Watermelon sorbet which wasn't on the menu. Add a pot of Louts tea and you have a lovely way to spend an afternoon/evening on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Never be afraid to ask your waiter if the chef can come up with something vegan.

    Nice views and a few steps to walking on the beach make Lone Eagle Grille a nice place to visit for a special occasion.—Billy

South Shore
  • Simple Bliss Vegan Café     The only 5 eggplant rating (all vegan) on this page!

    Not open when I've been by. Open 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Here's a description:
    "Welcome to Simple Bliss Cafe, South Lake Tahoe's only vegan restaurant, proudly serving locally grown organic produce! From delicious sandwiches to hearty and tasty burritos and Paninis, and the freshest soups, you'll find something to tantalize and delight your taste buds and your mind.

    Simple Bliss Café is located in the Swiss Chalet Village and open daily from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m."

  • Sprouts Natural Foods Cafe
    Thought I'd been transported to pre-Earthquake Santa Cruz and the old Saturn Cafe. Lots of vegan options and dishes in this semi-cafeteria style eatery. Large windows open for fresh air. Give the people behind the counter your order and they bring it out to you.

    Had a bowl of great tomato and something else vegan soup. Had a spinach tortilla stuffed with quinoa and other delish goodies topped with a perfect tahini sauce (they can be bitter, but not this one), cucs and onions. Yummers carrot and greens drink. I asked for ginger to be added. "Not a problem."

    No website or online menu that I could find and don't remember the many other great offerings or even the details of what I had. All I know is I was VERY happy. So trust us, just go. —Billy Howard

  • Kalani's, Heavenly Village
    Expected zippo from this trendy, pricey tourist grille in the Heavenly Village complex and was pleasantly surprised. The "Hibachi Marinated Vegetable Medley-Chef's Choice, Open Fired and Char-grilled" was one of the most flavorful and definitely the most generous plates I've had when eating out. Only suggestion to Chef Kevin is the delicious savory and light sauce wants a bed of quinoa to soak it up so we can get at every drop, otherwise we have to resort to licking our plates.

    This is the only thing on the menu a vegan could even begin to tolerate. No soups, no salads, no dessert, no appetizers: all heavy on the animal products. I was skeptical as I'm not a fan of grille cusine and expected to have carcinogenic black stuff everywhere. Not so! The hibachi grilling was very light. This turned out to be one of my fav meals out yet. I was the last one eating which is quite rare. And I was very full after, another rarity. It's not my fav to be full, but when it's veggies, why not?—Billy Howard

  • Bear Beach Cafe
    Have eaten there twice. Not much on the menu for a vegan but the waiter had some great ideas. He was right. A great smoothie and a delish veggie burger with a lot of fresh veggies on top. Win/win. —Billy Howard
About Foie Gras

RenoVegans calls for a boycott of restaurants serving this product bourne of misery and life-long torture which is illegal in 15 countries and in California.

These restaurants are known to serve foie gras. No matter how many awards you win, how much you try to serve "healthy food," or how many glowing reviews you receive, a restaurant serving this dish cannot be recommended by RenoVegans.

    • Circus Circus For hosting Foie Gras event canceled by Nevada Museum of Art
    • Beaujolais Bistro
    • 4th St. Bistro
    • LuLou's
    • Charlie Palmer Steakhouse in Grand Sierra
    • Atlantis Steakhouse
    • Roxy's at El Dorado
    REMOVED FROM BOYCOTT: Campo which will not serve foie gras in the foreseeable future!

    • Mirabelle
    • Ciera
    • Lone Eagle Grille
    For details on the cruelty of this so-called food product, see our "Why Vegan #3: Abuse/Cruelty" page.

    Foie gras, French for "fatty liver," is the diseased and enlarged liver of a duck or goose, produced through force feeding.

    If you feel strongly about this issue, or would like to find out more, join us at Foie Gras Free Reno to learn more and sign our petition.
Tahoe City/Homewood
  • Sunnyside Resort, Homewood.

    I don't do fried foods practically ever, but the fried zuccini sticks are amazingly delish.

    I split with the table the fab organic greens, hold the stinky Gorgonzola. Great vinagerette.

    Veggie wrap is fine but the bean salad that comes with it is to die. See if you can kype a couple of sweet potato fries from your firends' stinky fish and chips. Or get your own fries, but that's alot with the wrap.

    Impressive view on the deck. Great place to take friends or dates, especially if you boat in. Don't laugh, I've actually done it. —Billy

  • West Shore Cafe and Inn, Homewood.

    Impressive Room for a meal or even more impresive on the pier floating above the water with table cloths and wicker furniture. The Dinner Menu had nothing for a vegan, but there were some great looking garnishes to the meaty meals. I asked the waitress if I could do ala carte picking and choosing from entrees and ended up with this bowlful which was very tasty despite being a bit paltry, especially for the price which nearly undid all my vegan years of eating and gave me a heat attack. Absurdly pricey meal, BUT, one of those great places for a very important occassion or the best date of your life.

    The Chef has a sense of humor and doesn't take his meals literally. The gazpacho, for example, was hardly traditional, but boy, was it good. I was pissed at first at the small size, but it was so full of veggies it ended up being filling. Tomato jam is on the menu. Actually pretty good. The Black Bean Empanadas aren't vegan but the accompanying saffron quinoa and avocado salad came ala carte and were really, really good. I added the fries from the steak frites dish (yes, cooked in veggie oil) and was content. —Billy

Manhattan - Just in case.
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