Reasons to Go Vegan #7: Veal
The Horror of Veal Is In Every Glass of Milk You Drink
& Every Piece of Cheese You Nibble

What is it that should trace the insuperable line?… The question is not, 'Can they reason?' nor, 'Can they talk?' but, 'Can they suffer?'

          —Jeremy Bentham
Cheese is concentrated milk made by keeping cows constantly impregnated to lactate. The male babies' lives are instantly turned to torture while the mother calls for her children. The female calves are turned into milking cows before their time.

A new-born calf, perhaps only hours old, is removed from his mother.

Photos: © Jo-Anne McArthur, 2012
-All Rights Reserved-

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A male calf not yet able to walk is wheeled away to be placed in a veal cage.

Veal calves are taken from their mothers as infants and laid in cages where they are not able to move. Soon they can not even stand from weakness and lay in their excrement. The baby cows are pale from lack of sun, an induced anemia to make their flesh more tender. A light shines on this calf, but it is some of the only light he will ever see.

Females are placed in pens that will soon be too small for them?

and fed chemicals instead of their mother's milk
Cows will be impregnated again and again to keep her milk flowing while baby after baby is removed within a day or two. In a few years this will be her fate for her service,

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