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California Legacy Radio Anthology Atlas

CLP Radio Anthology Atlas pinpoints all locations and locales mentioned in the over 400 CLP Radio Anthology segments.

Click a location on one of the 2 atlases to find scripts with references to that area. We have so many locations they won't fit on one map. Double click on the map or use the slider to drill down to areas, regions, locales, counties, cities, neighborhoods, even streets.

In the California Legacy Project Radio Anthology scripts, look for the CLP Atlas style links to see where in our atlas you can find the location and link to other stories written about that area.
Radio Productions
California Legacy Project Radio Productions—co-produced with Public Radio Station KAZU 90.3 FM, Pacific Grove—offers listeners compact but compelling dramatic readings of great California writing.

Search hundreds of Radio Anthology scripts, listen to recorded radio segments on the same page, subscribe to the CLP Radio Anthology Podcast, view our Reader Profiles

Use the CLP Atlas to choose readings from regions across the globe relating to California. Link back to the author's page to listen to Radio Anthology episodes.
Nature Dreaming

Nature Dreaming: Rediscovering California's Landscapes, is a two-part public radio series drawing on dramatic readings of California landscape writing and commentary by prominent humanities scholars and focusing on California stories that are grounded in local experience, sensitive to the delicate ecological balance of the planet, suspicious of abstraction, and celebratory of the relationships human beings establish with the natural world, especially through deep experience of their home regions, through the work they do there, through their love of rock, water, and sky.
What Do I Read Next?
Occasional advice from the California Legacy Project about great—and not always well-known—writing about the Golden State.
Project Scholars
California Legacy Project Scholars have specific expertise in California studies, including literature, history, and the social and natural sciences. They share their expertise with students and colleagues at Santa Clara University. Many of our Project Scholars also serve the general public, appearing as guest lecturers, discussion leaders, and performers.